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Solutions to All Your Garage Door Problems in Mount Juliet, TN

Is your garage door closing too fast or is it not closing at all? Is it making too much noise or is it taking too long to open? Or have you just witnessed a broken cable come flying out after making a terrible snapping noise? As a garage gate and door repair and replacement company that has been in business since 2014, we’re here to tell you that it’s fine. Malfunctioning garage doors are something almost all Mount Juliet residents have had to deal with.

There is no singular reason that causes garage doors to malfunction. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Dead transmitter batteries
  • Photo-eye out of alignment
  • Unaligned track
  • Malfunctioning transmitter combos
  • A blockade in the door’s path
  • Broken springs
  • Improperly set garage door limit settings
  • The disconnect switch is on
  • A manually locked door
  • Broken cables and/or tension springs


Bear in mind that a garage door is working many times throughout the day, especially if you’re a large family and if you use the car too frequently. While it’s no cause for worry if you know who to call, we’d suggest you keep your car outside the garage door until we have finished work on your garage door.

EasyFix Garage Door & Gate Service Inc. has been helping the residents of Mount Juliet, TN for many years with their malfunctioning garage doors. Our range of services is wide-ranging, including:

  • Gate repair and replacement
  • Providing access control for your gates
  • Welding where needed
  • Gate operators installation
  • Garage door installation
  • Installation of keypad for garage gates
  • Spring repairs for broken cables in garage doors
  • Garage door maintenance
  • Overall repair
  • Installation of electronic systems for the gates
  • Remote programming

We have a team of seasoned professionals working for us. We also adhere strictly to all safety measures and are dedicated to providing services that will last you a long time. We work with safe, standard tools and keep our equipment inventory updated at all times, in order to extend the best services to our clients. Quality work and professional services ensure that you get to avoid excessive repairs and unnecessary costs in the future.

Additionally, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to work with us and charge an affordable fee. Our services extend to residential, commercial, and industrial areas. In addition to providing services for pre-scheduled appointments, we also provide emergency services.

You can get a free estimate from our team before you decide to work with us. Whether you’re looking for garage door maintenance, garage door installation, or garage door repair services, just give us a call at +1 615-560-8948, and we’ll get back to you. All our products have warranties, and all our projects are as important to us as the last.

So, when your garage door malfunctions, you now know the answer to the question: who you gonna call?


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